Welcome to Our New Website!

Hi! Thank you for visiting our brand new website!

I wasn’t expecting to feel so anxious before tonight’s launch, but I guess when you pour your heart and soul into something you love and care about, it’s normal to feel a little nervous, right?

Today kind of feels like the start of something new for me. Even though I started my small business 17 months ago now, I didn’t offer purchasing via our BigCartel website until 5 months ago. I actually spent my first 12 months in business getting to know my customers and building relationships with them. Some people would think I was crazy, as i received every order via personal message on Facebook or direct message on Instagram! And I invoiced every single customer manually!

But 12 months of doing this gave me so much insight into my customers. Because our biggest seller was custom name blocks at the time, i would chat to my customers about exactly what they wanted. They would tell me how the blocks would complete their daughter’s bedroom, or how they would make the perfect gift for their new baby niece or nephew.

When you realise how special your handmade creations are to your customers, and that they will be a keepsake for a child or loved one, you not only build a connection with your customers but it also gives you a sense of pride, knowing that your products will be displayed in the homes of your customers (or the person they’re gifting them to) because they genuinely love your products and chose to purchase from you.

So… tonight i am launching a website that I am proud of. It’s a true reflection of myself with all the colours alone! As much as I love all the muted colours, dusty pinks and gold that are trending at the moment, it’s just not me! I need to have pops of bright colour in my life. It just makes me happy! And when it comes to clothes, royal blue is my favourite!

Take a look at our ‘About’ page, you’ll see what I mean! My daughter is all for pops of colour too. Just check out her photo!

Well, it’s almost launch time. I hope you love our new website and maybe even find something nice for yourself or your little one’s. I’d love to hear your feedback if you don’t mind leaving a comment below.

Thank you for all of your support, and taking the time to read my very first blog post!

Laura xx


This is where your beautiful Kubbi & Co. pastel name blocks are made. Cut to size from a simple length of timber in the backyard of our home on the Central Coast of New South Wales!

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